3D imaging data collection - Three Space

3D imaging data collection

We offer expertise, technology and services in the collection of 3D imaging data

We have a suite of 3D-imaging technology for a variety of scales and applications. Our systems are able to accurately capture intricate objects at the millimetre scale, human forms and objects as large as camper vans.

The type of technology we use is tailored to the required application. For this reason each of our systems specialises in a particular use case. For example, exceptionally fast capture times are essential when movement must be minimised (for human scanning). In other cases micron-level accuracy may be required. As such we have a suite of scanning systems to meet the needs of our clients. These include, fast and accurate imaging with our 3DMD system, through to higher resolution imaging with our Artec handheld and Konica Molta non-contact laser scanner. As a knowledge centre we are also interested in cost as a factor. For this reason we have developed our own 3D-imaging solutions which utilise consumer depth cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect.

We also have expertise in the collection of 3D imaging data in large scale projects involving many human participants. We can provide a service to collect the data for you, or provide advice and consultancy to support your 3D imaging projects.