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Cycling Size

The description and analysis of body dimensions is vital, not merely to monitor training, performance and talent identification, but to understand the evolution and development of sport – as, although optimal body dimensions are not the only components necessary for an athlete to excel in sport, many believe they are important prerequisites of success.

Cycle size research was a battery of investigations into the shape and size of cyclists that were conducted by Three Space as part of Alice Bullas’ doctoral studies. The three investigations were categorised into:

  • Descriptive – identified the body measures of cyclists from different disciplines, when compared to non-cyclists.
  • Applied – examined the relationship between body measures and peak power output.
  • Longitudinal – explored the relationship between body measures and peak power output over a training block. Conducted in collaboration with Blue Steel Strength and Conditioning group (

Cycle size research attracted cyclists from around the UK – collecting body measures from over 60 cyclists from an array of disciplines.


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