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Cycling Frontal Area Measurement

Our software measures cyclist frontal area in real-time. It requires no green-screen and no calibration

Cycling is booming, millions of us are taking to the road to enjoy its thrills and health benefits. Most cyclists would like to go faster, but as our speed increases the energy we use pushing through the air increases greatly. The fastest cyclists adopt an aerodynamic cycling position to cut through the air. Elite athletes tune their position by spending expensive hours in a wind-tunnel. We have created a tool, the Reduce Your Drag System (RYDS) which uses a low-cost depth-camera (the Microsoft Kinect v1 or 2) to measure your frontal area – a crucial component in determining aerodynamic drag.

RYDS is unique because it measures you in real-time, needs no calibration and is low-cost.

The system was debuted at the Science of Cycling conference which coincided with the Tour de France prologue in Leeds, 2014. Our latest version was part of the New Scientist Live! Exhibition at the Excel centre in London which had an attendance of over 22,000 people.

We hope to make this system available for public consumption on the Microsoft Store in the future.


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