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Cyclist Scanning

High precision 3D imaging for equipment design and aerodynamic analysis

The use of computer aided engineering (CAE) in the sports equipment industry is becoming increasingly common. Where once sports equipment was largely designed based upon accumulated experience and intuition, CAE is now being regularly incorporated into the design loop to further enhance products. One sector that has particularly embraced this is the cycling industry, striving to design the lightest, fastest, strongest bicycles not only for elite cyclists, but also for the general public who have increasing demands and expectations of their equipment.

CAE can be used to accurately predict aerodynamic, structural and even thermal behaviours of either equipment prior to manufacture or existing equipment to inform design. In order to achieve this it is important to have full and accurate geometrical representation of not only the bicycle but also the cyclist. We have worked with both elite sport and cycle manufacturers to help them capture such geometries. Rapidly generating high quality geometric data optimised for direct use in CAE, that could be either passed to the client or our own in-house simulation experts for analysis. This has been used to reveal detailed insight into the complex aerodynamic phenomena that result around a cyclist due to the direct interactions between rider and bike.


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