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Digibreast3D – 3D breast imaging software

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cost of cytoxan oral buy generic proscar online One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. Around 50,000 women are diagnosed each year, but more than ever are surviving. Women surviving breast cancer often undergo breast reconstruction surgery, or experience side effects such as lymphoedema. Knowledge of the size and shape of the breast is extremely important in both of these cases – either to help with planning and evaluating reconstruction surgery, or monitoring the change in swelling of the breast during recovery. Methods exist for measuring the size and shape of the breast but they are inaccurate, complex or expensive – so they are not in widespread use.

We have been working with Mr Amit Goyal – an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon based at Royal Derby Hospital – to develop an inexpensive, readily accessible system for taking 3D surface images of the breast. Using consumer depth cameras, our system – Digibreast3D – produces 3D geometries of the breast and torso, from which parameters such as breast volume can be calculated – using algorithms we have developed.

One in six breast reconstruction patients require additional surgery. The cost of this for the NHS is huge but, most importantly, it impacts quality of life. Accurate, quick, inexpensive and easily accessible measurements of the size and shape of the breast will help surgeons plan and evaluate reconstruction surgery and help monitor swelling of the breast during recovery.

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