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Sports Case Studies

3D Imaging has numerous applications in sport

As part of the Centre for Sports Engineering Research a large part of the work we do is centred on sport. While some of this is focused on athletes, we work on a continuum which stretches from casual activity all the way to the elite level.

The benefits of 3D-imaging in sport are numerous. As a form of measurement and mapping it can be used for aerodynamic analysis or to measure muscle growth and body shape changes. With more precise values for the mass and volume of the body, we are able to perform complex inverse dynamics analyses to assess the forces and torques within the body.

Our work and research in sports has parallels with the work we do in healthcare. As the benefits of activity are recognised,  ‘sport as healthcare’ will gain prominence and significance.

Have a look at some of the work we’ve done in this area by examining the case-studies used.