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Healthcare Case Studies

Applications in health, well being and activity

Imaging is already a large and important part of healthcare. From ultrasound to X-ray, the ability to observe the human body has become a powerful tool for clinicians and health-practitioners.

Our 3D-imaging systems capture the external surface of an object or person and we have used them to explore numerous applications in healthcare.

We have taken 3D images on objects as heart-valves to capturing the full body. It is important to recognise the value of this technology not only as a measurement tool but also as an impartial patient record. For someone undergoing treatment, the ability to observe and track changes to their appearance can have a great therapeutic benefit. E.g. for patients undergoing breast-reconstruction surgery or users of an obesity clinic.

We are particularly interested in this area of work and the impact that low-cost 3D imaging systems could have on the area. Please see below for a collection of our healthcare case-studies.